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Precious You
Precious You
Precious You Nuran / Bursa Nuran

It smells wonderful, I am very satisfied. I use both Puffy detergent and another version for my child who is allergic. It has become indispensable for me ❤

Precious You Bahri / İzmir Bahri

Packed very well… Even without opening the packages, the house smells like detergent. Thanks Puffy

Precious You Mustafa / Yalova Mustafa

Normally, I already use this product. I’m very lucky to get a discount. You can buy pig in a poke. I have full confidence in allergic products.

Precious You Fatma / İstanbul Fatma

The price and performance are both great, the product that I am very pleased with is also budget friendly. It is also very good at removing stains. I recommend it.