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Doing scheduled and quick cleaning at home
Doing scheduled and quick cleaning at home

Now we will give you the answer to the question of how the cleaning ends quickly with key points. Let's see what we should do to clean the house on a planned basis.

Open the windows

Whether you clean your house that day or not, whether it is summer or winter, the first thing to be done routinely every day is to open the windows and ventilate your house as soon as you get up in the morning. The first thing that comes first is the atmosphere of the house. Especially if you smoke inside the house or if the kitchen and living room are one place, such houses should be ventilated even for a longer period of time.


The walls are the first noticeable parts of the houses and their cleanliness is extremely important in terms of appearance. Of course, we do not say that you clean your walls from top to bottom during daily or weekly cleaning, but it can be done once a month.

Curtain and Window Cleaning

After cleaning the walls, remove all the curtains and put them into the washing machine. When it starts to wash in the delicate program, remove the vacuum cleaner and vacuum clean the ceiling corners and tracts. After completion of vacuum cleaning, prepare two buckets of water and two cloths. One of the cloths will be dry and one of the buckets will be loaded with soapy water. You may add a little dishwashing liquid, but be sure it is little. If it is too foamy, it will be difficult to rinse and stains will remain. If you wish, you can clean it with vinegar water instead of soapy water and allow it to dry. There is no need for a second rinse water for this. If you want to clean it with detergent water, the water in the second bucket must be clean. You need to wet the cloth with this water and wipe it a second time, then dry it with a dry cloth. You can also clean the doors with vinegar water. In the meantime, thoroughly vacuum, fold and remove the carpet before pulling out the sofa in the living room. You will lay the carpet when the cleaning is finished.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning: A neat and clean kitchen changes the atmosphere of the whole house. At the same time, since we spend most of our time in the kitchen, being tidy and clean allows us to work comfortably. That's why we should keep our kitchen clean all the time, except for routine cleaning times. Accumulation of the dishes, oil-spattered kitchen cabinets, and cooktop ovens are all places that need to be cleaned up after the occurrence of incident. If it is delayed, it will be difficult to clean them.

Bathroom Cleaning

Obviously, bathrooms and toilets are areas that need to be cleaned at most every two days for hygiene. In case of bathroom cleaning, you can ensure that the bathroom is immaculate by deep cleaning once a week and routine cleaning after each shower. Wash basin and toilet bowl should be cleaned on daily basis and at least clean towels should be placed every day. If you ensure regular cleaning in this way, you will not have to spend a lot of energy in this area during the weekly routine cleaning. Bathrooms and toilets must be hygienic and clean at the maximum level.