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Mold Problem at Home and Solution
Mold Problem at Home and Solution

Why is Mold grown?

We only see what is on the food, but before the molds are observed on the outer surface, threadlike roots form inside and the poisonous parts settle inside. The green mold on the cheese and bread that are exposed for a very long time is a proof that it has now decayed. Molds are found almost everywhere. Moist weather conditions encourage mold growth. They are found outdoor in shady places and places with rotting plants and fruit, and indoor where there is higher humidity. Over the years, some solutions and measures have been developed for molds that reduce our quality of life.

Problem of Mold Stains

Mold is a type of fungus that occurs in damp and wet places. Mold stains, which first appear as gray or pinkish spots on fabrics, grow and spread rapidly if not treated. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to remove it. So, how do you remove mold stains on clothes, curtains and fabrics? What should be used to get rid of mold stains? We look for an answer to such questions around us or on social media. However, one of the most important things to do is to respond immediately. We've compiled a few little bits of information for you to deal with mold stains. First of all, you can try the products called stain removers in the market, which is the simplest method. Such products are also manufactured specifically for mold stains. And with many alternatives, it is possible to get rid of the stubborn stains by using some methods. How is mold removed? Let's see together.

Well, how do you remove the mold stains on the curtain?

Curtains are the most striking items of our homes. That's why we care about their cleanliness. However, if you live in a damp house that does not get a lot of air and sunlight, the curtains can unfortunately become moldy over time. Well, what should you do in such circumstances? First, you need to check for mold frequently, that is, you need to check if mold has grown on the curtains. If you see mold although you check it very often, it means that it is a new stain, so the task is easier. Immediately remove the curtains and rub them with normal salt and then machine wash, you will get rid of this mold stain easily. Removal of molds with salt will be a very effective method, especially for newly formed molds. But if the mold has been there for a long time, then you can remove the mold stain on your curtains with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (ratio is 1:5) instead of salt. At the same time, put one unit of stain remover into the detergent compartment every time you wash your laundry, you will help the stains to decrease over time.

Why is mold grown in houses? 

You should know that mold is not only a stain, but also a microorganism. They can be both on the surface and inside the ceilings or walls. If the mold is visible from the outer surface of the wall, it is possible to remove the mold by wiping it with chemical cleaning agents. For example, bleach will be the most effective one. However, if the mold has penetrated into the wall or ceiling, then constructional repair is required. Unfortunately, mold, which negatively affects the health, appears in the form of black spots or even layers on the ceiling and walls of the house.